Toolsets 28.99

Tool for Press-Fit 28.99 (41/42/46mm & BSA)


Assembly and Disassembly

➤ Removes and installs 41, 42 & 46mm ID Press Fit Bottom Brackets.
➤ Dedicated wrench for BSA 28.99mm.
➤ Non-impact method of Press Fit Bottom Bracket Removal.
➤ Quick, no fuss, Installation or Removal: Install or Remove BB in 30 seconds making this especially useful for busy bikeshop professionals.
➤ Easy to Use—no need for excessive force. Gentle pressure from the combination of the driver and split steel-hitch with a few turns of an allen key is all that’s required.
➤ All in One Toolset—everything you need contained in the compact storage and carrying case
➤ Anodized—will last a lifetime

Bottom Bracket Press Fit Removal Tool

Tool for Press-Fit 30 (46mm)


Assembly and Disassembly

Patent No. M427476

➤ Aluminum Alloy with Shiny Finish
➤Install & Remove Bearing 6806 (30 x 42 x 7mm)
➤Easy Assembly and Disassembly for Press-Fit BB Adapter O.D. 46mm
➤Available for Alloy Adapters
➤Assembly and Disassembly for End Face of Frame Shell Bigger than BB Adapter Flange O.D. 52mm

Bottom Bracket Press Fit Removal Tool

Tool for BB86/92/30 (41mm)


Patent No. M427476

➤ Install & Remove Bearing 6805 (25 x 37 x 7mm)
➤ Install & Remove Bearing 6806 (30 x 42 x 7mm)
➤ Install & Remove Press-Fit BB R92/T86
➤ Install & Remove R30 (Converter for BB30 to BB24)
➤ Weight: 1082g (Box Included)


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